Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sushi Wishes and Blueberry Pie Dreams

I turned 35-years-old today or what my doctor likes to refer to as "advanced maternal age"! We celebrated with a big sushi dinner (don't worry I stay away from the raw stuff when I'm pregnant) and instead of a birthday cake we had blueberry pie—something I've been craving for my entire pregnancy but never gave in to it. Although I'm feeling pretty crappy and in the "get this baby out of me" stage, when Currier sang Happy Birthday to me my pain melted away for a moment and I was reminded that it's all worth it!


Mrs. Crab said...

YEAAHh for the Birthday Girl!! So happy you had a great day!! Miss ya "Kiddo" :) Love Megs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Coleena! I hope you had a great one! And the story that accompanies this pic is just the sweetest....sweet pic too, of course. :)


Coleen said...

Hey Meagan,
Grazie! Miss you too!

Yo Wisslah,
Thanks. I wish you and Nicko could have shared in the sushi celebration!