Monday, January 21, 2008

Almost A Sober Sunday In Savannah

On Sunday, we drove down to Georgia to meet Trent's parents and two more of Trent's sisters and their kids. Savannah is about a two hour drive for us coming from Charleston and a five hour drive for them coming from Orlando. We got adjoining rooms at the Clarion Inn & Suites in Savannah and it was a blast to see Currier interact with his silly cousins.
To our horror, we quickly learned that Georgia doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays. Note to self: Never go to Georgia on a Sunday ever again. Good thing Kathy had on her thinking cap and packed a cooler of beer which the adults indulged in while the kiddies played in the indoor pool. Currier was ecstatic from all the attention from Jonathan, Austin, Nyah and Clayton. Although it looks like Austin is strangling Currier in this picture, I think his cousins like him.
When the kids were tired of swimming and the beer was gone, we headed over to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, drinks (alcohol can be served in restaurants on Sundays- Hallelujah!) and lots of laughs. We look forward to many of these family reunions now that we're all living in the same country!

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