Saturday, January 12, 2008

Previously on Bambino Balent

Last season, we watched this Sicilian born American baby grow from a helpless infant into a rambunctious twenty month old toddler. The Bambino Balent blog took us through all of Currier’s major milestones… his first smiles, words, steps, fights, injuries, illnesses, friendships, holidays, meals, travels, and laughs… and you were there through it all. Thank you for being a part of our happiest moments.

When we said goodbye to Sicily, we also decided to say arrivederci to the Bambino Balent blog. As we begin this new chapter in our lives, we're also starting a new blog with a new name, new look and new voice. Let the Balent Times begin!


hp said...

I likes it! I likes it! I only hope that "Coleen" is as clever as her bambino.

Coleen said...

Maybe not as clever but certainly more of a wise ass!