Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our First Visitor

Trent's sister Carrie was our first visitor. She lives in Knoxville and took the 6 hour drive to spend a night and then drive down to Georgia with us the following day to meet the rest of Trent's family. In the pouring rain, we showed Carrie some of the neighborhoods where we’re thinking about buying a home and then we went out to eat at the Charleston Crab House. While dining on some traditional Southern food, I confessed that I wasn’t sure if I liked hush puppies and Carrie said, “What’s not to like about fried cornbread?” She’s right. Hush puppies are delicious and so are fried green tomatoes. If you come to visit us, you must try both!

Currier got a kick out of Carrie, especially when she held out her fist and said, "Give me some love!" He knocked fists with her and in an instant a bond was created and I was reminded of why I urged Trent to find work in the States so our child can grow up around family. We love you, Aunt Carrie!

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