Saturday, August 9, 2008

Becca & Nick

Some of our best friends from Sicily came over last night for dinner. Becca and Nick are now stationed in Mississippi and came to South Carolina for the weekend to visit some of Becca's friends on Johns Island. It was so good to see them as they are two of the funniest people we know, especially Becca's impressions of her dad and Nick's crazy college stories! Bruco and Paolo definitely remembered them from our many dog play dates with their little Sicilian Yorkie, Steve Wissler. Unfortunately, Steve had to stay behind in Mississippi because the condo where they are staying doesn't allow pets. I asked Currier if he remembered Becca and Nick and he said, "Yeah. Becca Nick Fun!" So he definitely remembered them too!


Anonymous said...

dang...couldn't you photoshop a sister's arm a little?
chubby wisslah

Coleen said...

Oh will you shut up! You look Fantastico ed erotico and you know it! Love the tan lines.