Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Us

Yesterday morning Currier and I went to the pool and we were the only ones there. At first I thought maybe the pool was closed for maintenance but then it dawned on me that the kids are all back in school. It was wonderful to have the whole place to ourselves.

There won't be many more moments with just the two of us. The baby's arrival is coming up quickly and Currier and I will be sharing our time with his baby sister. For two years it's been just us all day, every weekday. There have been some rocky times when I thought this whole stay-at-home-mom thing was not for me and then there are days when we get the whole community pool to ourselves to act silly and laugh until our bellies hurt that make this whole stay-at-home-mom gig totally worth it! I'm going to miss these private moments with just us.

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