Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visita di Meagan

A few weeks ago I emailed my friend in Sicily and asked if she could possibly send me some of my favorite Italian balsamic vinegar and she responded, "How about I deliver it in person?" Meagan came to the USA to visit family in Virginia Beach and managed to squeeze in a side trip to Charleston to see us and indeed hand deliver balsamic vinegar from Modena—because she rocks! Yesterday we went downtown Charleston to the Aquarium. We spent the morning viewing turtles, sharks, alligators and to Currier's amazement- a scuba diver! We finished our morning with take out soup and sandwiches from the Atlanta Bread Company, ate lunch at home and took a long afternoon nap—a ritual for Currier and his pregnant Mama. Last night Trent and Currier stayed home and let Meagan and I go downtown Charleston to enjoy a quiet dinner. We strolled around downtown for a few minutes before deciding on the East Bay Crab Shack. It was just like old times (minus a beer in my hand!)—we chatted, giggled and gossiped. Meagan left early this morning to head back to Virginia and we miss her already.

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