Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Surprise For Carrie

Trent's sister, Carrie, turned the big 40 on August 1st and Hilde arranged a surprise party in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains to celebrate. She rented the Creekside Getaway, an eight bedroom log cabin large enough to accommodate the entire family and a few friends. Hilde arranged everything. All we had to do was keep our mouths shut and get to the cabin in Tennessee by 4PM on Friday, August 1st.
We began celebrating early when Trent's sister, Kathy and her family (Christopher, Jonathan and Austin) stopped over in Charleston for a few nights on their way up to the cabin in Tennessee. They arrived on Wednesday evening and we had sushi and sake awaiting their arrival.
On Thursday morning, another one of Trent's sisters from Florida, Beth and her family (Robbie, Clayton and Nyah), arrived. Currier was estatic to have so many cousins visiting. That evening the men cooked us a delicious spicy pasta dish with scallops and shrimp.
Early Friday morning, we hitched a ride with Beth and Robbie and followed Kathy and Christopher to Tennessee for the big surprise! Beth and Robbie's car seats eight comfortably and it has a DVD player. During the six hour drive, we didn't hear a peep out of the kids. It was actually a very pleasant trip up to Tennessee. Note to self: get a car with a built in DVD player.
We arrived in Sevierville, Tennessee around 3PM on Friday with just an hour to spare before Carrie's arrival. Hilde lured Carrie up to the cabins promising a quiet weekend with Carrie's parents at a cabin rental. She arrived to find her parents, her four siblings, their spouses, her seven nieces and nephews and a dozen of her friends. It was awesome to see Carrie's amazement and I can't think of anyone more deserving of such a wonderful surprise! There was a little creek behind our cabin that the kids took great pleasure in hurling rocks into. Aside from rock throwing, we ate BBQ and cake, drank lots of beer and booze, sat in the jacuzzi, played pool, squeezed in a couple games of Scrabble and Catch Phrase, went fishing, shopped at Pigeon Forge, and took a nature hike.
It was such a fun and memorable weekend together as a family. Hey, let's do it all over again next weekend?!

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